Securing stable investor interest, capitalizing on abundant experience and strong expertise

Kenedix Real Estate Fund Management, Inc. is an asset management company for REITs and private funds. It was formed through a merger of group companies of Kenedix, Inc. in October 2013.

We started with asset management for Kenedix Office Investment Corporation, Kenedix Residential Investment Corporation and private funds. Thanks to the support and cooperation of investors and clients, we have steadily expanded and possess one of the most extensive track records and largest AUM in the industry with the addition of asset management for Kenedix Private Investment Corporation in 2014 and Kenedix Retail REIT Corporation in 2015.

We will continue to strive for growth alongside stakeholders by investing in and managing real estate-related assets that are stable and risk-diversified while fully utilizing the experience and track record that the Kenedix Group has accumulated as well as personnel with expert knowledge.

We sincerely ask you for your continued support and guidance.

Masahiko Tajima, President & CEO

President & CEO
Masahiko Tajima

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