Kenedix Real Estate Fund Management, Inc. contributes to society through investment management activities
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  • Sustainability Environmental Policies
  • Sustainability Initiatives of J-REITs
  • Sustainability GRESB Membership
  • Sustainability Human Capital Development
  • Sustainability Certifications

Environmental Policies

The officers and employees of Kenedix Real Estate Fund Management, Inc. ("KFM") will undertake investment management operations in accordance with the following environmental policies.

  • 1.

    Compliance with Environmental Laws and Regulations KFM will promote environment-friendly investment management operations by adhering to environmental laws and regulations.

  • 2.

    Promotion of Energy Conservation MeasuresKFM will systematically advance energy conservation measures at its managed properties, maintaining a strong awareness of the importance of natural and energy resources.

  • 3.

    Reduction of Environmental BurdenKFM will undertake initiatives to reduce CO2 and waste emissions as well as promote recycling at its managed properties, underscoring its commitment to alleviating its environmental burden. In addition, KFM will take sufficient care when handling harmful substances and environmental pollutants.

  • 4.

    Disclosure of Environmental InformationKFM will work to disclose necessary information to a variety of concerned parties, including investors, tenants and business partners, in such areas as its environmental policies and measures.

  • 5.

    Environmental EducationKFM will take steps to improve the environmental consciousness of its officers and employees through internal education.

Initiatives of J-REITs

Kenedix Office Investment Corporation

Converting emergency guide lights and lighting to LED

We are encouraging reduction of electricity consumption at each of our owned properties from the perspective of environmental consideration and cost reduction. Our efforts include converting emergency guide lights, lighting in common-use areas/leased areas, etc. to LED for actively promoting reduction of light bulb replacement costs and electricity expenses.


Cooperating with communities in bicycle sharing

We have offered portions of our property sites to serve as bicycle parking for bicycle sharing introduced in various locations in Tokyo. Such cooperation enhances convenience for tenants and local residents as well as serves the public interest.



Entering into Green Lease(Note) Agreements

KDO has executed Green Lease Agreement, with a part of tenants at KDX Akihabara Building.

KDO conducted LED lighting installation works for a tenant office space at the expense of KDO based on the agreement. A certain ratio of a reduced amount of electricity charges and maintenance costs (costs for exchanging fluorescent bulbs) has been paid from the tenants in return.

(Note) Green Lease means one of the environment-conscious initiatives to reduce environmental burden through sharing the economic merits generated as a result of energy-saving renovation works among building owners and tenants in order to lessen building owners' investment burden and thus promote such renovations to create more environmentally-friendly office buildings.

KDX Akihabara Building

KDX Akihabara Building

Cost reduction impact for tenants

Cost reduction impact for tenants

Kenedix Residential Next Investment Corporation

Installation of SATOYAMA Units

A "SATOYAMA Unit" is a group planting unit of conventional seeds and plants remaining dormant in deserted village forests (called "satoyama"). We have installed the units at the entrance of KDX Residence Okachimachi. Through the installation of the "SATOYAMA Units," we contribute to activities for restoring satoyama, as well as provide a comfortable living environment and help prevent bicycles from being left in no-parking areas.


Installation of LED lights in common areas

We implement a variety of initiatives to conserve energy from the viewpoints of environmental awareness and cost reduction. As one measure in this endeavor, we replace lighting fixtures in common areas, etc. with LED lights. By doing so, we work to reduce the costs for replacing lights as well as electricity charges.


Kenedix Retail REIT Corporation

Promotion of LED lighting

We promote installation of LED lighting to reduce replacement costs and to conserve energy. We also make efforts to reduce environmental burden by undertaking initiatives to reduce CO2 and waste emissions.


Passaggio Nishiarai

(installed in 2015)


Fululu Garden Yachiyo

(installed in 2016)


Blumer HAT Kobe

(installed in 2016)

Collaboration with local communities

We are making efforts to enliven local communities by holding community-participating events at our properties and cooperating in disaster prevention.


Minna no Concert

Fululu Garden Yachiyo


Summer Festival

Unicus Ina


Singing of agreement to
provide gathering area
in cases of disaster

Unicus Yoshikawa

Social contribution activities

We support the activity of Japan Association for UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees) by providing common areas of our properties for their fund-raising campaign.


MONA Shin-Urayasu

GRESB Membership

GRESB is an annual benchmark assessment which measures environmental, social, and governance (ESG) considerations in the real estate sector. GRESB attracts attention as leading institutional investors have joined the high-visibility assessment and used GRESB to select and dialogue with investment targets.
Kenedix Real Estate Fund Management has joined the GRESB Company & Fund Members. For more information on GRESB, visit the GRESB website from the link to the right.

GRESB Website

Human Capital Development

As part of the engagement process with its employees, the Kenedix Group takes measures and adopts programs for developing employees' capabilities and enhancing their professional skills, as described below.


Employees receive their evaluation every six months. Management holds interviews with each employee to discuss his/her career opportunities.

Talent pipeline development strategy

Kenedix Real Estate Fund Management constantly accepts experienced professionals from a pool of talent from Kenedix, Inc., its sponsor.

Training and capacity development programs

Implementation of various education and training sessions
The company provides its employees with various programs to enhance their skills and capabilities such as the training for new employees, specialized teach-in sessions for sustainability and compliance, and English-speaking programs, etc.

Encouraging to obtain professional qualifications
The Kenedix Group supports the careers of its employees. Employees are encouraged to obtain professional qualifications, and the costs for these qualifications are covered by the company. The number of licensed employees are as follows.

Real estate notaries 67
ARES certified masters 31
Licensed senior architects 6
Real estate appraisers 4
Certified building administrators 11
Certified real estate consulting masters 11
Chartered members of SAAJ 6
Certified public accountants (Japan) 2
Certified public accountants (US) 3
Tax accountants 2

(Note) As of March 31, 2017

Childcare leave and nursing-care leave systems

In addition to the requirement by laws and regulations, the company provides financial support for its employees travel to and from childcare facilities during their commute, and allow employees to take special leave for nursing care.

Grievance Procedure

The company provides a formal grievance procedure, where employees are allowed to report any personal issues or issues regarding the company to external counselors, without being noticed by the company.

Stable employment

The company adopts various measures to improve the workplace environment so that employees can work continuously over a long period of time. The company and its sponsor, Kenedix, Inc. have never conducted lay-offs or other employment adjustment since their establishment.
For reference, the latest employee turnover rate at Kenedix Real Estate Fund Management was 5.7% for 2016 and 4.4% for 2017.

(Note) The turnover rate figures do not include employee transfer within the Kenedix Group.


The J-REITs managed by Kenedix Real Estate Fund Management have earned green building certifications and assessments on ESG. For more information, visit each J-REIT's website from the link below.

  • Sustainability Environmental Policies
  • Sustainability Initiatives of J-REITs
  • Sustainability GRESB Membership
  • Sustainability Human Capital Development
  • Sustainability Certifications

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